Reclaim your life from anxiety and burnout and feel fully alive. Live iLaive.

Facilitated by a leader trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness, iLaive retreats for women—surrounded by Colorado's natural beauty, the perfect setting for you to learn the skills to feel ilaive.

(adj.) ilaive


Living; alert and active; aware of and interested in feeling alive.
Synonyms: Awake; full of life; conscious.

We Believe...

You can feel fully alive insteadof merely existing, going through the motions, and feeling numb to your wild and beautiful life.


You can stop comparing yourself to others in superficial and meaningless ways that cause anxiety and distress.


You can foster more meaningful relationships because in the end those connections are really what matter, aren’t they?


You can replace the voice in your head that tears you down with a voice that is kinder and gentler (as you would speak to a friend).


You can cheer on your body, mind, and soul with movement, yummy nutritious food—and nature.


You can embrace raw emotions and measure progress (no, not on the scale. Gross!) ...with tools that track feelings (GAD, PHQ-9, etc).


Anxiety & Compassion Fatigue Resilience

JUNE 3–4, 2023

If you are experiencing anxiety, burnout, chronic stress and are feeling exhausted or feeling numb, this retreat is the place for you to learn and practice strategies that will assist you in living ilaive (alive) again.

At this retreat in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you will learn and practice ten coping strategies specific to anxiety, and three interventions for compassion fatigue and burnout to bring back to your professional and personal life.

Registration for this retreat is closed.

Let's Retreat

Through an educational, enriching experience guided by a cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness leader, every part of the journey is entirely unique to your journey to feeling ilaive again. Learn skills to modify your mindset at these anxiety reduction bootcamps.

With a mindfulness and compassion fatigue warrior by your side, this journey is for you if you need a break and a moment to “practice the pause”. Learn skills to incorporate into your day to day life to support you as a caregiver, healthcare worker or compassionate person.

Here it is. An opportunity for you to take an objective look at your relationship with social media and take a time out. Learn skills to have a healthy relationship with social media in the context of anxiety and self esteem.